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Key Points

In this seminar, the participant will be trained in methods for analyzing and optimizing the EMC properties of circuits and devices. Furthermore, the focus will be on the identification of the causes of disturbance emission problems as well as their elimination.

The participant will carry out a large number of experiments on all of the above topics and, in doing so, gain experience using near-field probes and a better understanding of EMC.

The following topics are covered:

  • Basics and mechanisms of emission
  • Layout design and circuit optimization
  • Strategies for the elimination of emission problems
  • Design of shielding and metallic housings
Organisational matters

Participant requirements

Fundamentals of electrical engineering, fundamentals of digital technology

Number of participants

12 participants for 6 experiment stations

Participant fields

development, EMC engineering, construction


2 Days


Start: 8 AM - End: 5 PM


Langer EMV-Technik GmbH

Event location

Rosentitzer Str. 73, 01728 Bannewitz. Please pay attention to our map and travel information


1185,- € net

Scope of service

hands-on training, seminar documents, meals (lunch, coffee, drinks)


The registration by e-mail or PDF form is considered as a non-binding reservation of participation. Your order and our confirmation result in a binding contract. Please transfer the participation fee after receipt of the invoice.

  • Please contact us at:
    Phone: +49 351 430093 20
    Fax: +49 351 430093 22
What seminar participants said

What has been particularly good and important for you?

  • Many practical experiments
  • The link between theory and practice
  • Many practical examples with tips and tricks to apply at my work station
  • Trying out yourself and learning by doing
  • Rich on practice examples
  • The demonstration of real practical cases enables for comparisons to own developments
  • Good guidance from simple problems to complex solutions/li>
  • Explanations are conveyed easily understandable