Langer Near-field Probes in R&D worldwide

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"ECDSA Key Extraction from Mobile Devices via Nonintrusive Physical Side Channels"
Authors: Daniel Genkin, Lev Pachmanov, Itamar Pipman, Eran Tromer and Yuval Yarom

"ESDH Key-Extraction via Low-Bandwith Electromagnetic Attacks on PCs"
Authors: Daniel Genkin, Lev Pachmanov, Itamar Pipman and Eran Tromer

"Additively Homomorphic ring-LWE Masking"
Authors: Oscar Reparaz, Ruan de Clercq, Sujoy Sinha Roy, Frederik Vercauteren and Ingrid Verbauwhede

"Characteristics of a Metal-Backed Loop Antenna and its Application to aHigh-Frequency RFID Smart Shelf"
Authors: Xianming Qing and Zhi Ning Chen

"Electromagnetic Leakage Analysis of Operation Modes on Smartphones"
Authors: Young-Jun Lee, Heesun Park, Young Hyoun Kwon, Jaeki Lee, Ji Eun Choi and Sangwoo Cho

"Study on Electromagnetic Interference of DC/DC Converter Used in the EV"
Authors: Xinjie Gao, Donglin Su and Yujun Li